WWE has seen some highly charismatic and exciting factions compete in the ring for a long time. Among those, The New Day surely occupies spot near the top. The trio of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E have captivated the WWE universe for many years now and battled some of the best teams on the roster. However, one name they have always wanted to battle has been The Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks have established themselves as one of the greatest tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. Speaking with Scott Fishman of TVInsider, Kofi Kingston claimed that The Bucks have always been on their list for a match.

“There are a lot of people. We’ve been wanting to have a match with the Young Bucks for a long time. It’s a special time.” 

Kofi Kingston’s desire to see The New Day square off against the Young Bucks could surely be one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of the sport. Furthermore, Kingston also named his top 5 opponents in WWE.


“We’ll keep Usos as one. I’ll say the Usos for sure. If you’ve seen our tag matches, then I don’t need to explain it. Dolph Ziggler, he and I joke that back in the day we could have a best-of-500 series. Every match was always fun and incredible. I actually like having matches with Sami Zayn because of the visceral reactions he is able to garner from the crowd. Kevin Owens is actually really good. His skill level is amazing. Our matches are always great. Edge is really good. One of the first for me. When you’re in the ring with him, you just know it’s going to be good because he is an amazing storyteller and competitor.

The New Day was formed back in 2014, with WWE pairing a successful mid-carder like Kofi Kingston with two upcoming superstars in Xavier Woods and Big E. Over the span of 7 years, the stable became an accomplished unit winning a total of 12 tag team championships.

The Young Bucks on the other hand never joined the global juggernaut and made a big name for themselves on various independent promotions. Nick and Matt Jackson’s amazing tag team style has also earned them countless titles and accolades over the years.

The New Day members are currently signed to WWE, while the Young Bucks are a part of their rival competitor AEW. So this dream match looks unlikely in the near future, but as they say in the wrestling world, ‘never say never.’

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