The Royal Rumble event might be over, but it was the ending of the show was the biggest shocker. The main event of the card saw Roman Reigns defeat Kevin Owens and face the betrayal of Sami Zayn. Right after The Bloodline decimated the Honorary Uce, Jey Uso walked away from the scene, and now has sent out his first message following the incident.

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Sami Zayn’s induction into the Bloodline was accepted by every member, except for Jey Uso in the early beginnings. For months, Zayn proved his allegiance to the stable, but Jey took his time to fully accept him into The Bloodline.

The moment finally came at WWE Survivor Series: War Games when Sami Zayn’s sacrifice led to the Bloodline winning the namesake match. The ending saw Jey Uso accepting Zayn as his own and welcoming him with open arms.


Moreover, Jey Uso was the only one who defended The Honorary Uce during the Tribal Court. Just as Paul Heyman prosecuted Sami Zayn for being unfaithful to The Bloodline, Jey stepped up in favor of Zayn producing evidence that led to Roman Reigns letting him stay in the faction.

Sami Zayn made the ultimate choice to land a chair shot in Roman Reigns’ back to save Kevin Owens, and found himself incapacitated at the hands of Reigns’ family. Jey Uso, shocked at Zayn’s betrayal and his trust being broken, walked out of the arena in tears. Following the walkout, Jey Uso sent out a message on Instagram with a very blunt statement.

“I’m out🩸.”

The road to WrestleMania has officially started on an interesting note, with a lot of twists and turns already in sight. Jey Uso’s message could very well indicate that he might be out of this whole situation for a while before making the choice to either side with his family or with the man who never gave up on him, Sami Zayn.

What will be Jey Uso’s decision? Sound off in the comments!

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