WWE reintroduced Lacey Evans with a new character emphasis on her military background. To emphasize this aspect, the company had been airing segments showcasing her undergoing rigorous military training, in order to present a more fierce and aggressive side of her character on SmackDown. She came back this week, but not everyone liked her back. In fact, she shut down a fan who wanted her to leave WWE television again.

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Recently, WWE has been showcasing Lacey Evans’ background as a Marine through various segments on their programming. This has generated significant excitement among fans, who were eagerly awaiting her return to the ring. The new direction of her character and the story built around it has been met with great anticipation by fans, who look forward to seeing her in action and learning more about her new persona.

Since her return, Lacey Evans has exhibited a dominant presence in the ring. This was evident again in last night’s episode of SmackDown, where she easily defeated a local competitor and even utilized Sergeant Slaughter’s finishing move to pick up the win.


A fan took to Twitter and stated that they were happy when Evans was not on television and hoped that she would get injured again, just so she could stay off WWE television. Evans saw the tweet and gave a very apt reply.

The only “injury” I’ve had while employed, was from pushing out a 9lb baby on my couch. I still went to the gym 3 days later. Idiot.

Following the match, Lacey Evans picked up and threw her opponent out of the ring before claiming that she will win the Royal Rumble match. We will have to wait and see what happens at the Royal Rumble. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of the Royal Rumble.

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