Triple H is at the helm of WWE nowadays, leading the charge as Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative. The Game has revamped the entire product with his creative acumen and work ethic, which has been a morale booster for talent backstage. However, he did scratch off a recent claim made by Kurt Angle about being the single person to join two legendary stables in WWE.

Kurt Angle came to WWE from a freestyle wrestling background, winning a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics. The Wrestling Machine proved his worth in this world as well and rose up the ranks to become a noted WWE Hall of Famer.

The Game, on the other hand, became a marquee star for the company in his own right since the Attitude Era. However, he began transitioning to behind-the-scenes roles starting in 2010 and officially hung up his wrestling boots last year at WrestleMania 38.

During last week’s RAW XXX show, Triple H along with other members of his former faction, D-Generation X was joined by Kurt Angle. After all, Kurt Angle always wanted to be in DX.


The Olympic Hero recently made a claim of being the only superstar to be a part of DX and another renowned faction in its own right, The Shield, after donning their signature outfit and joining the group for a one-time match back at WWE TLC 2017.

“The only person to be in both the Shield and DX? Not too shabby! Lol. #itstrue.”

However, this claim did not sit well with the 14-time World champion. Kurt Angle’s tweet led to Triple H posting a throwback photo of himself teaming up with The Shield at a live event on Twitter.

“ItsNotTrue 😂.”

With his response, Triple H effectively proves that Kurt Angle is not the only WWE superstar to be a part of both D-Generation X and The Shield. Let’s wait and see if Angle does decide to respond to his own false claim that he might have just realized.

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