Vince McMahon’s involvement in the hush-money scandal and subsequent assault allegations saw him retire from WWE for several months. McMahon eventually made his shocking return to WWE’s Board Of Directors earlier this month. He quickly regained control of the company again by reinstating himself as Executive Chairman Of The Board. This caused his daughter Stephanie McMahon to resign as co-CEO of WWE. Mr. McMahon has returned with two goals: to execute a sale of WWE and secure new television deals.

Vince McMahon currently has a jaw-dropping list of potential buyers willing to shell out the necessary dough to acquire the billion-dollar promotion. The list includes Comcast, FOX, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix, Amazon, Endeavor, CAA, Liberty Media, the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and The Khan Family (AEW).

NBCUniversal’s parent company Comcast has long been listed as a front-runner. Given their history with WWE, an outright purchase of the company would allow them to bypass a bidding war.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that NBC is pushing WWE programming harder on their network.


“NBC is working even closer with promotions of late. They pushed Raw hard on NFL games including putting Belair and Ford on an NFL playoff pregame show, got Charlotte Flair on Today and Lynch on Kelly Clarkson.”

This potentially lines up with the notion that the broadcast giant could be gearing up to submit their bid for the acquisition of WWE.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts recently stated that the company isn’t in a rush to acquire any other companies right now, This is most likely pre-negotiation posturing. After all, no company with adequate funds would pass up on the opportunity to own the billion-dollar brand WWE is today.

Of course, Saudi Arabia is also real contender to buy WWE, and the only one who would plausibly keep Vince McMahon in power. We cannot forget about that possibility, because Vince McMahon can make any company decision he likes without the Board of Director’s or shareholders’ permission with his new amended bylaws.

It remains to be seen which entity will become the next owner of WWE. For what it’s worth, Vince McMahon reportedly plans to execute the sale by the middle of 2023, meaning a potential bidding war could be on the horizon.

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Saptarshi Sinha

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