The potential sale of WWE has been a trending topic ever since the former WWE Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon, came back to power. Vince has been at the forefront of the potential sale, cited as the prime reason to come out of retirement. However, it seems like another big player, NBCUniversal could be in the race to buy out the company.

Vince McMahon retired from WWE back in July 2022. His exit from the company was a big shocker and came to the heights of facing various sexual and hush money allegations.

The new management led by new co-CEOs, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan with Triple H at the helm as Head of Creative completely revamped the product and earned massive praise from fans and critics alike.

However, that did not last long, as Vince McMahon decided to resurface in WWE earlier this month. He was reinstated as Executive Chairman of the WWE Board of Directors, with significant changes in management, and firings, coming right after he returned.


As mentioned, Vince McMahon primarily returned to negotiate media deals and pursue the sale of WWE. During Comcast earnings call that happened today, the CEO of NBCUniversal, Jeff Shell, was asked about the company being a potential front-runner in the acquisition of WWE and possible merger.

“We are always looking for bolt-on acquisitions that bolster our businesses. Two examples: we bought DreamWorks [Animation]… and it has been paying off steadily since our acquisition. Just now, with Puss In Boots [The Last Wish], which is a big hit at the box office and really our entrance back into the Shrek universe, continues to make that acquisition look really favorable, And our Blumhouse investment over time, where we’re partners with Jason Blum, and we have a big hit, M3GAN, this month, which is coming out of that investment.”

NBCUniversal has acquired a few companies in the past and could be a good option for Vince McMahon to explore for the sale of WWE. However, many reports have suggested that Saudi Arabia would potentially be the one to buy out the company.

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