WWE Universe saw the return of one of the top-tier former talents who played them for weeks and reemerged like no other last year. That superstar is none other than Bray Wyatt. The former leader of the Wyatt Family has not only brought back the dark days of WWE, but pulled a mysterious figure named Uncle Howdy into this world as well. He recently revealed more about the man in darkness.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE back in July 2021, after being a marquee attraction for the company for nearly nine years. His character work and constant evolution captivated the WWE Universe and made him a main-event star.

But the new creative regime led by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H brought Bray Wyatt back to the company at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. However, this time Wyatt was not the only one pulled from the darkness into the light.

As Bray Wyatt appeared for the first time on SmackDown since returning and gave a heartfelt message to the fans, a mysterious figure began tormenting him. That person was later on revealed to be a man named “Uncle Howdy.”


For weeks and weeks, Uncle Howdy has been encountering Bray Wyatt on various occasions on SmackDown, while spreading his demonic intentions over Alexa Bliss on RAW. Wyatt recently revealed in-depth details about Uncle Howdy during an interview with Out of Character with Ryan Satin.

“There’s so much more to it than you think. It’s not just so cut and dry, the spooky man in the background. There’s more to it. There’s complexities that you haven’t got to see yet. There’s things I don’t understand about it. And that’s the beauty of it, is it’s going to grow organically. But the story of it, I don’t think, has been told yet, and once you understand what it really is and where it came from – in my childhood and who Howdy really is – it’s much deeper than you think it is, then you would perceive it to be.”

Uncle Howdy was last seen on the January 16th episode of RAW, during a brawl between Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss. We can expect to see his eerie presence prevail over the upcoming ‘Mountain Dew Pitch Black match’ between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight this weekend at the Royal Rumble.

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