There has been a mysterious and terrorizing force looming in the shadows on both Monday Night RAW and Friday SmackDown known as Uncle Howdy. While he looks like a threat to many, a fan called him nice and friendly.

Uncle Howdy made his first appearance in a video package on the October 14 episode of SmackDown. As Bray Wyatt returned to the show after nearly a year, the mysterious video featuring Uncle Howdy started tormenting Wyatt.

For weeks and weeks, Uncle Howdy has been in pursuit of Bray Wyatt to embrace his true identity of darkness. He made his in-person appearance on the December 16th episode of SmackDown interrupting an in-ring segment between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight. The end of the segment saw Uncle Howdy laying out Wyatt with Sister Abigail, leaving LA Knight wondering.

Uncle Howdy’s reign of terror then journeyed over to RAW, thus targeting Alexa Bliss who was closely associated with Bray Wyatt in 2021. Alexa Bliss’s behavior also started to change every time a Wyatt insignia or Uncle Howdy’s presence would be close by.


Alexa Bliss addressed her heinous attack on Bianca Belair the week before, on the January 9th episode of WWE RAW. Uncle Howdy would make an appearance, interrupting Alexa and questioning if she was indeed in control. During that show, fan named Chloe, who is the host of “What’s Up, WWE Universe?” claims that she met Uncle Howdy and shared her experience meeting the demonic figure.

“Then, Uncle Howdy walks by, and I’m just like, ‘Hi,’ and he’s very friendly, he waves back at me. I’m just going to tell y’all, the voice did seem a little on the high side. It was a male voice, obviously, but on the higher side. Is it Bo Dallas? Did I meet Bo Dallas and didn’t realize?”

The saga of Uncle Howdy, Bray Wyatt, and Alexa Bliss could take an interesting turn at the upcoming Royal Rumble event. Moreover, rumors suggest that WWE is planning a mega showdown between Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy at WrestleMania 39 as one of the marquee matches on the card.

Do you want to see Bray Wyatt vs Uncle Howdy at WrestleMania 39? Sound off in the comments.

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