WWE witnessed the return of one of the most captivating superstars in history, Bray Wyatt. Despite being back for nearly four months now, Wyatt is still yet to wrestle a match on WWE television programming. However, it seems like Bray has some thinking going on inside him as he approaches his first-ever match since making his return.

Bray Wyatt rose to prominence for his amazing character work, in-ring talent, and connection with the WWE Universe. Wyatt has also carved out an accomplished career, winning multiple championships and accolades.

However, Bray Wyatt was shockingly released by WWE in July 2021. The reason cited for his release was being difficult to work with and creative disputes with management including former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

After staying away from the world of professional wrestling, Wyatt reemerged back to the company at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. He was revealed to be behind ‘The White Rabbit Mystery’ that had loomed over the WWE landscape for weeks prior.


Bray Wyatt has not wrestled any match since coming back to WWE and is set to make his return to the ring this weekend. He spoke about his first-ever match since his return, claiming that he is feeling slightly reluctant about getting back in the squared circle and whether he can still perform at the same level he used to. Wyatt spoke about this during an interview with  Ryan Satin on Out of Character.

“There is a certain reluctancy to me, where there hasn’t been in the past. It’s part of any athlete, when you’re away from something for so long, there is something in the back of your head that is like, ‘Am I still it? Am I still what I am, what I should be?’ For the majority since I’ve been back, I was kind of there, in a sense, and the weeks have progressed, I’ve started to come into my own again and remember why I do this and how much it means to be out there and perform at things like the Royal Rumble. The closer I’ve gotten, I’ve started to sink my teeth into being what I should be.” 

Bray Wyatt’s first match will take place this Saturday at the Royal Rumble event. He will face his current rival, LA Knight in the first-ever “Mountain Dew Pitch Black match” which will surely be an exciting match to watch in its debut.

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