MJF is currently at risk of defending the AEW World Championship against Bryan Danielson in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match at AEW Revolution 2023. The American Dragon will get the match provided he can run through every opponent on every episode of Dynamite leading up to February 8th. So far, Bryan Danielson has already defeated a couple of wrestlers as he continues to advance toward his goal.

While speaking on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Kurt Angle expressed doubts about whether MJF can even hold up for an hour in the ring with Bryan Danielson.

“Wow, that’s gonna be good. I don’t know how MJF is gonna hold up, but I know Daniel Bryan will do pretty well.”

It appears that Kurt Angle firmly believes that Bryan Danielson can “expose” MJF as a weak wrestler at AEW Revolution. On November 19th at Full Gear, The Salt Of The Earth won the AEW World Title by defeating Moxley with William Regal’s signature brass knuckles.


Kurt Angle also recalled his experience working with Bryan Danielson in the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Match in 2018. The American Dragon made history in the inaugural 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match by lasting in the ring for a staggering one hour and sixteen minutes. 

“Bryan and I planned it out backstage. That was the one thing when he came in; we wanted to do something special. So Daniel actually came up with it, and it was a great little spot. I enjoyed working with him. Man, he is so talented. He’s not just an incredible high flyer, he’s a great technician, too. Daniel Bryan could be one of the best overall workers in the business today.”

Bryan Danielson, who has been hailed as Kurt Angle’s dream opponent, faces an uphill battle as he aims to continue his winning streak over the next few episodes of Dynamite. The former WWE Superstar will face Bandido this week on AEW TV.

MJF needed a great first challenger for his AEW Championship, and there’s no one better to fill that role than Bryan Danielson. None of MJF’s feuds have been bad so far, so it’s expected that his title feud with Bryan will be nothing short of a spectacle.

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