Total Divas depicted the lives of some female wrestlers. It would show the different aspects of the diva’s daily life and relationships. Now, Natalya claims an important part of her life was omitted in the show. WWE is said to have refused to film a very intense family moment with her father.

Natalya took to The Bellas Podcast and shared the instance where WWE refused to air an important aspect of her life. WWE Hall of Famer Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart is the father of Natalya. He suffered from Alzheimer’s, and she wanted to share that with the world, but WWE interrupted.

The former Women’s champion wanted to let people know about the disease given its frequent occurrence in households. Her father died in 2018 and she wanted to use it as a way to spread awareness. However, the company refused to film it and didn’t record the funeral.

“On the WWE end, they tried to sugarcoat too many things. I really wanted to be able to share what was going on with [Neidhart] in his, you know, with his, with his condition, you know, with him having Alzheimer’s and stuff. I really wanted to talk about it more because Alzheimer’s is one of, like, the five leading causes of death in the world … I remember people at WWE saying, ‘No, we don’t want anybody at your dad’s funeral. We don’t want to film it.'”


Natalya was not the only cast member of “Total Divas” to feel insulted by the show’s creators. JoJo, a former ring announcer for RAW explained that the show’s producers forced her to perform something she didn’t feel prepared for. Jojo also had a scene from the program cut that she sincerely wanted viewers to see.

WWE might have had a good cause to refuse to film the funeral. People might have been sensitive to the fact that the company was shooting during such a tough time. After all, only a handful of people would want anyone to film for a reality show at a funeral.

The story has varied perspectives, and it’s easy to see both sides of the coin. From WWE’s point of view, it could be a show of respect. From Natalya’s angle, it might’ve been an emotional response to the passing away of his father.

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