Natalya is one of the greatest in-ring WWE veterans who is still going strong even today. WWE Superstars can get close on the road, and sometimes that can lead to awkward situations. This is especially true for husbands and wives who are in the same industry. However, Natalya recently revealed an interesting secret about her being attracted to a former WWE superstar one time.

The Queen of Harts made her WWE debut in 2008, continuing the legacy of her legendary father, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. Natalya’s impressive in-ring talent and skills have made her one of the best technical athletes in the ring.

Natalya’s love for pro wrestling helped her connect with her real-life husband, TJ Wilson, formerly known as Tyson Kidd. The couple had been dating since 2001 and got married in 2013 after being together for 12 years.

Natalya and TJ Wilson have been in love for a long time and have even worked together onscreen as well. However, Nattie did reveal that she was indeed attracted to former WWE Superstar Fandango.


This happened during an episode of Total Divas, where Natalya got a little flirty with Fandango meeting him backstage. Natalya complimented him while admiring Fandango’s arms until he jokingly prompted her to stop checking them out. Moreover, she also revealed to Summer Rae that her husband did not mind Natalya checking out the former NXT Tag Team champion.

“You know what’s funny? That TJ doesn’t even care that I check him out. I think he’s cute too.”

Natalya is a former 2-time Women’s champion and has been with WWE for nearly 15 years. Her perseverance and love for the business helped Nattie become a mainstay for the company, with no signs of hanging up her boots anytime soon.

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