Charlotte Flair has accomplished lot in her nine-year tenure in WWE, reigning as a 14-time World champion. The Queen has been a marquee attraction for the company for a long time, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. However, Charlotte Flair recently revealed her desire to wrestle alongside her dad, Ric Flair, but he retired before that could happen.

Ric Flair has been considered one of the greatest WWE Legends of all time. The 16-time World champion was the biggest star of his generation, a pop culture icon, and a highly accomplished in-ring athlete.

The Nature Boy’s life after leaving in-ring competition saw him managing his daughter, Charlotte Flair who signed with WWE in 2013. Naitch was a constant presence in Charlotte’s career. However, their onscreen association ended in 2016 and Charlotte went on to carve a Hall of Fame-worthy career on her own.

Ric Flair came out of retirement at the age of 73 to compete in his first match in July 2022 since retiring in 2008. The event was called Ric Flair’s Last Match, where he teamed up with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal.


Charlotte Flair was reportedly backstage at the event to support her father. However, she revealed that it was long day and also admitted to being jealous of her husband, Andrade El Idolo getting the opportunity to team up with Ric Flair instead of her. Flair spoke about this during an interview with The TODAY Show.

“That was a long day. Honestly, I was a little jealous because I was like, ‘Oh, I want to be a part of this’. I’ve shared the ring with my dad, but not in that capacity. But then again my husband having the opportunity to be beside him, at the same time, I’m like, ‘Man, I wish my little brother could see this.’ Then my husband is a third-generation wrestler. It was awesome. Picture-perfect. But I mean my dad could have maybe just managed my husband, but it worked out [laughs],”

Ric Flair was reportedly disappointed with his performance in the match and claimed that he wish he could do it again the way he wanted. Despite stating that he doesn’t desire to wrestle again, maybe he could reconsider his decision and return to team up with Charlotte Flair and fulfill her desire.

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