The entire WWE landscape was turned upside down with the return of former WWE Chairman and CEO, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vince’s comeback shook the very foundation of WWE in terms of working and management. With McMahon back on the Board, potentially to pursue the sale of his global juggernaut, some people believe that this will take a long time.

Vince McMahon bid farewell to WWE and its fans back in July 2022, announcing his retirement from the company. This came amidst a hush money scandal and sexual allegations against him.

However, the former 2-time World champion could not stay away from his own creation and recently returned to the WWE Board as Executive Chairman. Moreover, Vince McMahon’s resurgence has already brought significant changes within the company and management.

Vince McMahon’s prime reason for the return has been the sale of his company to bigger giants. Former WCW executive Eric Bischoff discussed the topic with Brian Bedol, the founder of the channels Classic Sports Network and College Sports Television, who claimed that the process of selling the company will be a long one that will take time, during the latest episode of Strictly Business.


“Really, in any transaction, you have to get a series of approvals, some that happen quickly and almost automatically; some take time. But a deal like this needs to be disclosed. You’re a public company so you’re really in service to the shareholders, and this is months [in the making], not days or weeks. That doesn’t mean that something doesn’t get announced quickly, but it’s a couple to many months until closing.”

Eric Bischoff himself believes that Vince will make WWE a private company again. However, Bedol elaborated on how the current shareholders will have huge say in McMahon’s ability to go ahead with his plan.

“I think that they, generally, are purely financially driven. A shareholder owns a share of stock that’s worth X and the Board is obligated in a situation like this to take the best offer and most valuable offer for the shares of stock, so where the terms and conditions come into the evaluation is if one bidder is an all-cash bidder and another bidder is depending on raising 3 billion dollars of debt — just using that as an example. The likelihood of closing with the cash bidder is more likely.”

The current frontrunner in the sale of WWE is looking to be Saudi Arabia. Considering Vince McMahon’s relations with the Kingdom of Saudi and rumors of him trying to make his company private again. Comast, Endeavor, and even Tony Khan are so contenders.

Keep checking back with Ringside News for more. Obviously, this story is far from finished.

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