Vince McMahon’s unexpected return to WWE caused a major shift in the professional wrestling world. At first, fans were worried that his appointment as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and the subsequent resignation of co-CEO Stephanie McMahon would be harmful to the company. That being said, it seems Eric Bischoff believes Vince and Stephanie McMahon have tension after her WWE exit.

According to a recent report by, WWE reached a deal to sell the company to Saudi Arabia, which has led to a lot of backlash from both fans and professional wrestlers. This news has caused widespread anger, as many have valid concerns about the ramifications of such a deal.

That being said, the report of a Saudi sale being near completion was eventually proven to be false, but it is still speculated that Saudi Arabia is among the potential buyers. In fact, quite a few fans are of the opinion that Stephanie McMahon’s exit may have something to do with the potential sale of the company to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With Vince McMahon being in charge of the company again, many fans are already fearing the worst. In fact, many have speculated that Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon’s relationship isn’t going all that well lately.


While speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, WWE Hall Of Fame Eric Bischoff stated that he believes Vince and Stephanie McMahon have tension after her WWE exit.

The fact that she resigned, there’s one of two things I guess that are going on there, maybe more, that are kind of obvious to me.

One is there is tension between Stephanie and Vince. Not only did Stephanie vote against bringing Vince back – her father – but as soon as he did come back, she resigned. That suggests perhaps that in the view of things, there’s heat there between Vince and Stephanie. I wonder what’s going to happen to Paul. Is he next? We don’t know.”

Stephanie McMahon was also visibly frustrated with Vince McMahon dismantling her team. Her WWE exit also raised flags within the company. She was also thought to be sick of pro wrestling before her resignation. It remains to be seen if Stephanie McMahon returns to her father’s company in the future.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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