Natalya is one of the most gifted in-ring talents in WWE. She is proudly carrying the legacy of the entire ‘Hart Family’ in the modern era as a highly accomplished second-generation superstar. Recently, she delivered a motivational message for the fans with a stunning photo.

The daughter of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, Natalya has been regarded as a talented veteran of the squared circle. She has battled superstars from different eras such as Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, and Ronda Rousey. Nattie has even tasted championship glory and been featured in various high-profile showdowns.

Natalya is recently seen showing off her incredibly toned physique these days and decided to motivate her fans to accept their shadow, being constant reminder of light around them by dropping yet another breathtaking photo on Instagram.

Don’t be afraid of your shadow. It’s really just a constant reminder that there’s light all around you. ✨


Natalya is a former 2-time Women’s champion in WWE. She has been wrestling in the company since 2008 and currently holds the record for having the most matches under her belt in the entire women’s division.

Do you think Natalya deserves yet another run as Women’s champion? Sound off in the comments!

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