Mandy Rose has moved on from her days in WWE competing as an in-ring competitor to pursue other ventures. However, she recently dropped a cryptic message indicating revenge and karma are on her mind.

The former Golden Goddess was reigning atop the women’s division as one of the most dominant NXT Women’s champions in history. Moreover, she was flanked by Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne with the trio known as “Toxic Attraction,” destroying everyone in their path and becoming a strong and cohesive unit.

Mandy Rose shockingly dropped the title to Roxanne Perez in December 2022 and was released from WWE right after, for posting explicit content on her private website. This came on the grounds of the former NXT Women’s Champion violating WWE’s moral code of conduct.

Despite the entire fiasco that went down, it looked like Mandy Rose had moved on, amidst making million dollars in one month from her premium content. However, she recently posted a photo with a cryptic message on Twitter, along the lines of revenge and karma while giving no clarity on what or who she was referring to. The text graphic meme that Mandy Rose dropped was all about karma.


“A strong woman doesn’t seek revenge….She moves on and let’s the karma do the dirty work.”

Mandy Rose recently appeared on the Tamron Hall show and revealed various details regarding her WWE exit and premium content. However, this ominous message might be directed toward WWE by Rose for being unceremoniously fired at the time she was at the top of the mountain.

Do you think Mandy Rose was referring to WWE in her post? Sound off in the comments!

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