The Rock is arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, entertainers in WWE’s history. His legacy has inspired millions and is one of the reasons why WWE is known all over the world. Now Baron Corbin has attempted the Rock finisher amid rumors of his return.

Baron Corbin was in action against Dolph Ziggler in Corbin, Kentucky, on January 15. During the match, he attempted to take down the Showoff with the People’s Elbow. The attempted move didn’t land, as the Rock’s finisher move was futile.

A video was captured by a fan in the stands which showed the chain of events. Dolph Ziggler managed to stand up again before Baron Corbin could complete the maneuver. Then, to seal the victory, the former world champion used a Superkick to take Baron out.

The Rock is rumored to be returning to WWE soon for WrestleMania storyline. The dream match between the Brahma Bull and Roman Reigns has been anticipated by fans. A surprise appearance by the Rock can definitely elevate the atmosphere if he has any altercation with Reigns.


Ringside News exclusively reported in December that WWE creative was pitching alternative ideas for Roman Reigns in case The Rock can’t make it. We also exclusively confirmed that WrestleMania plans are now set, whatever they might be.

People have speculated a lot after Corbin attempted the move on Ziggler. Fans are going on about how this could be a subtle tease for The Great One’s return. Dwayne Johnson was last seen inside the squared circle in 2019 and return would break the internet.

The Rock made an appearance on SmackDown’s 20th Anniversary alongside Becky Lynch. The duo was interrupted by Baron Corbin, leading to a beat down of the lone wolf. If anything, the fans have added up enough dots to expect the Rock’s return.

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