Last week on AEW Dynamite, MJF agreed to face Bryan Danielson in a 60-minute Iron Man Match if the latter can win all his matches till AEW Revolution. This means that Bryan Danielson cannot afford to lose another match if he wants a shot at MJF’s title. Konosuke Takeshita had to face Bryan Danielson this week, and MJF did his best to enrage the AEW newcomer.

This week on Dynamite, Bryan Danielson’s first opponent was Japanese star, Konosuke Takeshita. However, before the match could begin MJF came out to wish Takeshita for his match but ended up insulting the Japanese star wishing him hello in Japanese which is considered offensive.

“Hey! Kon’nichiwa Bud! What’s up? How’s it going?” MJF said to Takeshita. This drew big heat from the crowd after MJF’s offensive greeting.

While the line is considered offensive, Fightful Select is reporting that the line was cleared by Takeshita before MJF said it on television. After MJF finished his promo, Bryan came out to chase him away.


“We’re told that the MJF line was cleared with Takeshita, for those wondering,” per Fightful Select.

Bryan Danielson ended up winning his first match against Konosuke Takeshita. It will be interesting to see who his next opponent will be next week. We will also have to wait and see if MJF will place any obstacles in front of Bryan Danielson. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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