WWE experienced a drastic change in the last 24 hours. Not only did one key member of the management leave, but the real Boss, Vince McMahon, officially came back. The company was surrounded by the news of being sold to Saudi Arabia, however, the talent has not heard anything regarding this.

The whole situation started with WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO shockingly announcing her resignation, while also stating that her father Vince McMahon would be returning to the WWE Board as Executive Chairman. Saudi Arabia and WWE are still in the middle of a 10-year deal, and news picked up big time that the controversial company is in the buyers market.

Vince McMahon was recently reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors alongside Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. The Boss is reportedly back to pursue the sale of the global juggernaut and recent reports suggest that he has agreed to sell WWE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It was previously noted that Vince McMahon began working on the Saudi deal right after his retirement. However, Fightful reported behind their paywall that no WWE talent has heard anything official regarding the potential sale of the company to Saudi.


“Zero talent that we’ve heard from have been told anything about a sale. There hasn’t been any briefing of this whole situation.”

Credits: Fightful

They also reported that none of the talents they spoke with asked for their release following Vince McMahon’s resurgence back to the company, except maybe one.

“No talent we’ve spoken to have asked for their release, but there was at least one talent that told us they’d be done if it happened.”

Credits: Fightful

The official announcement for the sale of WWE to Saudi Arabia is yet to be made. However, with Stephanie McMahon stepping away from her responsibilities and Vince McMahon back in full force, we could close on that sooner than expected.

Do you think some WWE talent will be released after Vince McMahon’s return? Sound off in the comments!

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