Vince McMahon seemingly returned to WWE to arrange a sale with the Saudi Arabians. The company is reportedly very close to a sale, but they just have to get some red tape out of the way. This might open the door for a big change, especially when it comes to the company’s overall goal to entertain while not getting political.

Saudi Arabia buying the company could spell bad news for Sami Zayn. He is not alone, because many people within the company are bit scared right now. Obviously, this is a big change and there are a ton of unanswered questions.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer broke down several options that are currently going around. One of those included the idea that WWE programming might include Saudi Arabian propaganda from now on.

“You know, here’s the other thing too. You know, does this become a propaganda piece every Monday night? Like we do on those pay-per-views?”


WWE will air things specifically during Saudi Arabian premium live events that paint the controversial country in a positive light. It is very possible that Saudi Arabia would amp up that propaganda if they have full control over WWE’s programming, and fans could have to watch that along with pro wrestling as part of the company’s new programming format.

Only time will tell how far-reaching this change will be. There are many rumors going around, but nothing has been confirmed. If WWE is planning to sell the company and a deal is pretty much done, they will have to announce it very soon, because they cannot carry on as a publicly traded company with plans to go private.

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