Vince McMahon’s surprise return to WWE turned the company’s future upside down. The question for WWE shareholders is not only whether McMahon and the company can execute a sale, but now they wonder if the buyer will be Saudi Arabia. Former WWE Superstar Aron Stevens recently commented on the WWE sale rumors.

Aron Stevens commented on the speculation of a WWE sale in an exclusive interview with Wrestling News. There was report last night that the company was being sold to Saudi Arabia. However, the company later claimed that the rumors are false.

When questioned about the possibility of WWE being sold, Aron Stevens stated that only time will tell. He went on to say that when deals like these come into play, it would be insane to believe that the people who are paid to think like this in terms of distribution and television aren’t looking forward. He claimed again that people will have to wait and see.

We’ll have to wait and see. Obviously when deals like this come into place, to not think that the people that are paid to think like this in terms of distribution, television, whatever, that they’re not there thinking steps ahead, would be crazy. You know what? We’re going to have to just wait and see. I mean, do I think we’re going to see WWE taken off the air? No, I don’t, But we’ll see what happens.


Vince McMahon appointed himself and two former executives, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios, to the WWE Board of Directors on January 5th, using his controlling stake in the company to do so. This return to WWE came after a very short-lived retirement.

Vince McMahon stepped down amid a board investigation into claims that he had sexual relationships with corporate workers and then paid women millions of dollars as part of their severance packages. Stephanie McMahon, Vince’s daughter, was co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. Her husband, Triple H, now oversees programming, storylines, and development. Stephanie McMahon has since stepped down, leaving Nick Khan as the company’s only CEO.

We will have to wait and see what happens, because Aron Stevens didn’t deliver a clear message. It remains to be seen what is going on within Vince’s head, but we will likely know what his plans are in time. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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