Mandy Rose reigned on top of the WWE NXT mountain as their dominant Women’s champion for over 400 days. But all the success and hard work went away in a flash, before she was released by WWE due to her premium content, Mandy Rose got a heads-up that her content wasn’t okay.

God’s Greatest Creation spent the majority of her WWE career as a mid-card talent on the main roster. Mandy Rose’s only notable program came with her real-life best friend, Sonya Deville back in 2020, and Otis was also involved in that strange love story which was suddenly dropped. However, Rose returned to NXT in 2021 and things changed drastically for her.

After debuting with a new look and filled with dangerous aggression, Mandy Rose paved a path of success that led her to win the NXT Women’s championship and hold on to it for 413 days until she dropped the title in December 2022. Adding insult to injury, Rose was fired from WWE right after, breaking WWE’s code of conduct by posting explicit content.

There were only speculations surrounding the entire situation until now. Mandy Rose, however, has revealed that she was indeed warned about taking down her private website during an interview with Tamron Hall.


During her appearance, Tamron Hall said there were reports that WWE warned her to take down the material on her subscription site, and she asked whether that was true. Mandy Rose noted that “again, there is confidentiality and I can’t really address that, but there was one warning to take it down, and I complied.”

Shawn Michaels made the call to fire Mandy Rose the moment Matt Bloom told him how far she was going. It seems that WWE gave her a warning and she didn’t abide by it. Either way, Mandy Rose is still doing just fine, as she still rakes in the cash with her premium content.

Do you think Mandy Rose should have complied with WWE’s warning? Sound off in the comments!

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