Mandy Rose’s personality changed dramatically in NXT 2.0, revealing much darker aspect of her character. Her new persona, nevertheless, has cost her greatly, considering she no longer has a WWE contract. Shawn Michaels wasted no time in stripping her of the NXT Women’s Title and releasing her when he heard that her premium content went too far.

Mandy Rose was let go by WWE on December 14th, barely 24 hours after Roxanne Perez defeated her for the NXT Women’s Championship. The victory gave the rising Perez a new career high, while Rose’s WWE career was basically over. Following her departure, it was claimed that WWE was unhappy with the material she was publishing on her FanTime subscription site.

WWE was uncomfortable with how sexualized the photographs, films, and live-streaming have gotten in recent weeks. After she left, it was revealed that WWE felt they had ‘no choice’ but to fire the celebrity because they believed her content had crossed a ‘way, way over the line.’

Mandy Rose has been transferred to the alumni area of WWE, despite the company’s lack of an official statement regarding her release (which has become customary in recent years). Rose’s unexpected exit has now been further explored in a new piece in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.


While it is believed that Mandy Rose was making more money from her subscription service than she was from her WWE contract, Dave Meltzer stated that Rose was ‘blinded sided’ by the decision.

“According to those close to the situation, Matt Bloom informed Shawn Michaels about content on Rose’s FanTime subscription service that had gotten more racy of late. While not confirmed, there are those who believe Rose was making more money posting photos and making custom videos for subscribers that contained nudity.”

“While WWE in the past had marketed its women and was responsible for many posing nude in Playboy, that was in a different era and what they found out about crossed what they considered the allowable line given they had promised television partners and sponsors a family-friendly product.”

“She was live streaming and getting tipped and at one point, according to someone viewing the video, said if she wasn’t tipped $400 she would end the stream. In another, she told her streamer to message her about what they want her to do in their custom videos. There were also multiple nude shots of her and her fiancé (former WWE wrestler and NFL star Sabby Piscitelli/Tino Sabbatelli, 39) in sexual positions.”

“When Michaels found out earlier in the week about the new content, the NXT television show was rewritten and Rose was ordered to drop the title to Perez. She was fired the next morning. Supposedly she was blindsided about it.”

Mandy Rose was terminated without being given the chance to take down her subscription material, according to Meltzer. Since Rose was still under contract to the main roster while she was with NXT, her situation was unusual. However, this meant she was free to use her ring name to earn money outside WWE without being subject to the same limitations as main roster performers.

Due to the fact that NXT athletes are permitted to earn additional income outside the organization in contrast to main roster athletes, Rose was able to launch her subscription service. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside news.

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