Kurt Angle was among the most versatile and talented in-ring WWE superstars of all time. Angle carved out a Hall of Fame career and excelled in other on-screen roles as well. However, during Kurt’s prime days, many people in the company believed that he was attracted to the same gender.

Kurt Angle made his WWE debut back in 1999 at the Survivor Series and rose up to the ranks to become one of the biggest stars in the company during his heyday. However, Kurt revealed in his autobiography “It’s True! It’s True!” that everyone backstage initially thought he was gay. This notion came as Angle was known to share a room with his manager, Dave Hawk, in Stamford, Connecticut.

“I wasn’t real comfortable about my decision. My manager, Dave Hawk, came with me to Stamford to ease some of the strain and advise me just in case they wanted to sign a deal. (…) We roomed together in Stamford and though the other guys never told me at the time, they thought we were gay. Dave would run errands for me. It’s funny as hell to think back on it, because Dave was running around doing everything for me there. He’d make protein shakes. He’d rub down my neck. He was doing my laundry,”

The Olympic Gold Medalist further clarified that his manager was just trying to be there and support him in any way he could.


“He just wanted me to feel better about being there because I was pretty uncomfortable about it. At the same time he was trying to work the Ostrim deal with the World Wrestling Federation. So everybody thought Dave and I were gay, which would have come as quite a shock to my fiancée at the time, Karen, and Dave’s wife, Tracey,”

Kurt Angle is nowhere attracted to the same gender and is happily married to actress Giovanna Yannotti today. The couple has four children together, three daughters and one adopted son from Bulgaria.

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