Vince McMahon was supposed to be gone from WWE forever, but the pro wrestling scene is full of surprises and dramas. The ex-Chairman of WWE was recently reinstated on WWE’s Board of Directors. Now, there’s a lot of buzz going on about who might buy WWE if Vince returns and puts it up for sale.

Vince McMahon’s reported plan to sell the company at this point shot up the company’s stock price overnight. He essentially held the company hostage, strongly insinuating that he will reject any media rights deals unless he is reinstated. This new situation in WWE sparked a huge amount of shock around the company.

PW Insider recently shed light on Vince McMahon’s possible decision to sell WWE. Possible interested buyers who might acquire WWE, if Vince McMahon puts it up for sale, were also discussed. Companies like NBC Universal, FOX, and Disney are all apparently in the mix of possibilities.

NBC Universal (owned by Comcast) has always been the most likely company to me. In addition to having The USA Network, they also have Peacock. They also have NBC, which could become the home of PPV broadcasts and other special events as it gets harder for networks to get eyes on programming. Also, by purchasing WWE, they would have control of the asset. They could choose who ran it and how they did so. They would also have control of how it would air and the cost of doing so built right in. FOX is also someone I am sure that WWE would reach out to, as is Disney. The buyer that makes the most sense has the most important thing that WWE needs, a place to air the product.


Vince McMahon was the Chairman of WWE and made sure every last detail went through him before getting approved. He was forced to retire after the hush money scandal last year, and fans rejoiced at this fact. Triple H was appointed as the man in charge of WWE’s creative direction, something he got right to work on as he brought back a slew of stars that his father-in-law fired.

Now that Vince McMahon is returning to WWE, it remains to be seen whether he will end up selling to the company. If anything, this certainly kicked off 2023 with a lot more questions than answers.

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