Vince McMahon made headlines last year after he was involved in hush money scandal and subsequently accused of sexual assault, among other things. This led to him being forced to retire from WWE last year, which made fans happy, especially when Triple H was given the company’s creative reins. McMahon then dropped a press release where he made it clear he wants to return to WWE and possibly sell the company. What Vince McMahon wants, he gets, as McMahon was officially reinstated to the Board Of Directors. Naturally, fans decided to react to this.

It was a tumultuous time on Twitter after Vince McMahon stated he wants to return to WWE. Vince McMahon pulled big power play by mentioning he is still WWE’s majority shareholder, and he got what he wanted in the end now that he is officially back on the Board Of Directors.

Fans were very happy to see Vince McMahon gone from WWE, as they felt the company was flourishing under Triple H’s rule. Of course, that may be ending very soon with McMahon back. Fans took to Twitter and voiced their shock and concern about this move.

Well There goes what @TripleH did and will continue to do right down the 🚽🤦🏿‍♂️


If @VinceMcMahon takes back the control of @WWE creative, kiss goodbye to all the recent progress under @TripleH. If he’s just handling the business side of things, while it looks terrible from a PR standpoint, the onscreen product hopefully shouldn’t suffer.

I’ll be concerned if he starts wedging himself back into creative.

Good god…had to know it was too good to be true. Hopefully he just sells it at this point. @WWE has been better than it’s been in a LONG time, and now he’s back to end that.

Fed is done

Stay home Grandpa!!


For all the complaining you have to listen to, I’d really like cancel culture to have lasting consequences like one time

Its Doomsday yes it is !

It remains to be seen how Vince McMahon’s return will impact WWE when it comes to their creative direction. As far as most fans are concerned, the dark days are upon us once again.

What’s your take on this move from Vince McMahon? Sound off in the comments!

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