Dax Harwood is one of the most experienced tag team wrestlers of his generation. At ROH Final Battle, he went through wild match, where he suffered a lot physically in that FTR vs Briscoes dog collar match. With that being said, the bump was so intense that even AEW doctors recommended he stay off the ring for while.

Dax Harwood received a brutal blow when Jay Briscoe superplexed him off the top and onto a stack of chairs. Dax is still dealing with the effects of the bump, which he describes as having given him “a broken ass bone.”

Dax revealed during a discussion with Matt Koon on his FTR podcast that AEW doctor Michael Sampson did not want Harwood starting to work so soon after the bump. But Dax felt he could not stay away from the ring and he had to.

“It’s the most painful bump I’ve ever had. I still have a knot on my ass. All the way up to my lower back, I have a bruise that has completely covered my left buttcheek. Doc Sampson did not want me to go to Mexico to work. He wanted me to stay home.


He told me that if this turned into a hematoma and if I took a bump the wrong way or if I fell on my ass or if I hit the rope or turnbuckle too hard and it exploded in my buttcheek, that the blood would explode in there, get into my muscle, and somehow that would make it tear way easier and it would require surgery that would keep me out for a very long time.

I told, Doc,’ I have to go. It’s the right thing to do for Konnan, who has treated me so well. I want to do this for Dragon Lee and Dralistico. I’ll take care of myself, I promise.’ I hope he didn’t watch the match because I promised I wouldn’t hit the rope or the turnbuckle or take a bump and I did all three of those things and it hurt like hell, but I made it out and I was okay.”

Dax Harwood mentioned how hard the flights to Mexico and back were for him. However, at ROH Final Battle, FTR faced The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team Championships, in the third match of their trilogy. Briscoes ultimately went on to win the match after Harwood collapsed.

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