Lance Archer is a true veteran in the pro wrestling world. He missed significant time in AEW after suffering an injured neck, but he is far from finished. Archer is currently growing impatient waiting for Tony Khan to book him in AEW.

Lance Archer recently made an appearance on Busted Open Radio. He was asked about his viral weekend promo, where he talked about his displeasure with not being featured enough on AEW television. Archer expressed his impatience in getting some in-ring action.

Everybody lets something out here and there once in a while. There’s a little bit of angst coming out in that one. Like I said in the promo, I just come in and I kick ass. I don’t kiss anybody’s ass. Everybody can see that I do my part. It’s up to other people (laughs).

I don’t take away anything from my time with every company that I’ve been a part of. The fact that you’re congratulating me on the successful stuff that I’ve gotten to do in Japan recently is all because the company allows me to do it. There’s not a lot of places and opportunities that can and do allow the talent to go and be a part of other bookings and other companies and other places. So I’m very grateful for my job. I don’t want my frustration to come across as I’m being ungrateful or not happy with the job that I do have. I just know what I could be doing and what I should be doing. Like I said, it kind of boils over once in a while. It’s not a knock on anybody in particular. It’s just the situation at hand and I know what I could and should be doing.


I continue to say that I’m very grateful for being a part of AEW and what they allow me to do because otherwise those opportunities wouldn’t exist and I’m gonna keep pushing forward. It’s what I’ve always done. Like I said, a little bit of the frustration wasn’t just in one place. It’s kind of been my whole career. It’s just one of those things. I know what I could and should be doing and I’m ready for it to happen and I want it to happen now. 2023 is coming, anything can happen. I’d like it to happen now.

Tommy Dreamer mentioned that there are a lot of people sitting at home, and Archer can “kick ass” elsewhere for the time being. Dreamer also inquired about Archer’s plans to return to the AEW ring, and the Murderhawk Monster had a lot to say.

For me personally, I think it’s one of those things where I’ve been a part of the company, I’ve been a part of some big situations…Fighting for the main title two different times, fighting for the TNT Title two different times, fighting and successfully winning the IWGP US Title against Jon Moxley. So I think I kind of created a base to who I am in the company but things have kind of gone awry.

I’m okay with the idea of a slow rebuild. I’m okay with kind of reinventing myself and finding my place within the company to get back to fighting for those championships. I understand right now that just jumping into that picture may or may not be something that the fan base can accept because you have guys like MJF who have just absolutely encapsulated the wrestling world … I have a good base, I need to be rebuilt, and I think I can, and I think it can start with the Murderhawk Monster [so I] can get back to that point of being one of those guys that’s fighting for those championships and probably being a champion.

Tommy Dreamer then questioned whether he still wanted to work with Jake Roberts. “I would love it to still be with Jake.” According to Archer, Jake has been able to “wean himself off” the breathing equipment he’s been needing since being diagnosed with COPD. Hopefully, we will see both of them again on AEW television soon. You can listen to the podcast episode here.

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