Kevin Owens is a major component of WWE programming, and as the countdown to WrestleMania intensifies, his significance will probably only increase. Last week’s SmackDown was meant to feature him on television, but things didn’t work out as expected.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the segment with John Cena on SmackDown was changed because Owens was intended to appear on the event but was unable to make it to Chicago due to travel complications. As we reported earlier, Kevin’s situation was described as “nightmare travel situation.”

The Cena video was supposed to be introduced by Owens when the show’s last promo aired. Of course, that’s not what ended up happening, because the Prize Fighter wasn’t there.

The segment with Cena was changed because Owens was supposed to be on the show but there were travel issues so he didn’t get to Chicago. Owens was originally scheduled to come out during the final promo on the show and introduce the Cena video.


Additionally, John Cena will be filming a movie outside the United States, therefore he won’t be available to WWE for the majority of February and March. He was once mentioned for a WrestleMania match against Austin Theory, but Vince McMahon was in charge at the time.

Cena will be unavailable to WWE through most of February and March due to filming a movie outside the U.S. At one point he was talked about for a match with Austin Theory at WrestleMania but that was with Vince McMahon in charge.

John Cena is still expected to make WrestleMania 39. Only time will tell how the December 30th episode of SmackDown with Kevin Owens and John Cena vs Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn builds toward that event.

Hopefully, Kevin Owens will not face any travel difficulties in the next months. He’ll almost certainly be intimately involved in WWE’s storylines, so re-writing in his absence may be a headache. Meanwhile, keep an eye out on Ringside News for more pro wrestling updates.

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