WWE has a plethora of former stars out there in the world, all looking in the rearview mirror, and some of them would like to return. Alex Riley is apparently setting his eyes on the ring once again, after a try in the acting world.

Until December 8th, 2022, Kevin Kiley Jr., most commonly known as. Alex Riley has not competed in a recognized fight since 2016. That is set to change, and he’s looking to compete even more after that.

At Create A Pro’s “Holiday Toy Drive” event in Lynbrook, New York, Riley made his ring comeback. He triumphed in the contest after defeating Jack Tomlinson and Dante Drago in a team effort alongside NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Tyrus.

Alex Riley had some remarks about returning to the ring when Tyrus had him on “The Tyrus and Timpf Podcast.” He said that he felt rusty but was happy to be performing in front of a large audience. Riley continued by saying that he had some things to tidy up before “getting back out there.”


“I clearly had some rust on me and I wanted to be in a little bit better shape, but I was grateful to be out there man, and I was really grateful to be in front of people and God bless you [Tyrus] for walking out there with me man. It was cool.”

Tyrus is presently leading his team in the NWA Powerrr Champions Series. We will have to see what’s next for him in the pro wrestling world.

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