Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts became popular name in WWE during the 1990s. His unorthodox style, dark and charismatic promos, and admiration for snakes made him main stays like top stars such as Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. Roberts recently spoke about not trying to impress Hogan, much like everybody back in the day.

Hulk Hogan was the biggest attraction during the golden age of wrestling. He became the poster boy for Vince McMahon’s promotion, and Hulkmania became a rage among fans. Hogan’s mainstream success gained him significant influence backstage, which led to many trying rising stars trying to make a name at the Hulkster’s expense.

Jake Roberts was not among those names, which in turn led to losing him an important storyline with Hulk Hogan in 1992, despite being over with the WWE Universe as a massive heel. Although Roberts regrets missing the program with Hogan which could have been a major turn in his career, he was not ready to suck up to him. He spoke about this on the latest episode of The Snake Pit podcast.

“He [Hulk Hogan] had his own locker room, and I wasn’t one to intrude on their space. I’ve just never been one to kiss ass. He had a lot of people around him kissing his ass brother; I’m not going to say any names because it’s just not my place to do that,”


Roberts further elaborated that the Hulkster did not like outsiders getting too familiar with him, and even mentioned that having a conversation with Hogan behind the scenes wasn’t always easy.

“But we all know, and hell, you couldn’t even get close to him because these guys would block you and all. They didn’t want anybody to “get in” with Hulkster. ‘Hey, I’ll ask the Hulkster. I got this. ‘Excuse me, brother, damn, you protect him more than you protect your woman! You know, it’s true, man! There were about four, five of them; to this day, he’s still got those guys.”

Hulk Hogan has not been seen on WWE television programming since last year’s WrestleMania, where he served as the co-host. There have been multiple reports regarding Hulk’s health as he recently underwent multiple back surgeries. Jake Roberts, on the other hand, is currently working as the manager for Lance Archer in AEW.


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