NXT Deadline was quite a show, and the event proved to be a big hit with plenty of amazing matches. One of the talking points heading into the show was the two Iron Survivor matches that made history as the company’s first presentation of those matches.

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Both matches lived up to the hype and were impressive. Roxanne Perez emerged victorious in the women’s Iron Survivor Match, while Grayson Waller won the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge. During the post-Deadline press conference, Shawn Michaels revealed that it took 48 hours to plan out the Iron Survivor Challenge matches.

“Well, I don’t know. Down here and our coaches got that stuff done in a couple of days, I guess. I mean, look, we, uh, because we have to In this particular situation, what we’re looking at going into the holidays is we have, uh, we had a show Tuesday, and then we have Deadline tonight. We have a day or two off but then the Tuesday show and then Wednesday we have two shows, then we are taping through the holidays.


So, we had a lot creatively that we had to take care of, but we were conveying what we were doing to the coaches and producers, so they got information probably on about Friday and like I said, conceptually, individually in the matches, I felt like I had a pretty good idea what it was we wanted to do and sort of, you know, what we were looking for out of those matches.

Then we gave those concepts to our coaches, and then they convey it to the talent, and we go from there, but I would say, you know, I’m gonna say 48 hours and that’s the thing, they just did an amazing job with that.

That is a lot to, you know, try to get. And again, the story and the psychology out there was just again told exceptionally, and I think that’s what I’m most proud of. Again, it’s one thing that, you know, whatever, the tickles, the tackles and what not but to really tell that story and get that across is what we’re, you know, we’re very proud of and to put all that together in such a short time, I think was really well done.”

It’s amazing that a match as complicated as the Iron Survivor Challenge was planned in 48 hours, and it turned out to be amazing. We will have to wait and see if this match becomes a regular feature on NXT.

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