Shawn Michaels is true pioneer of the wrestling industry. From being one of the greatest in-ring competitor to developing the next generation of superstars, The Heartbreak Kid has excelled in all. Michaels recently named some NXT superstars he believes, are ready to be called-up to the main roster.

Shawn Michaels started working as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center in 2016. He further transitioned to Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, handling the creative and development of NXT in 2022. This came after Triple H took over the reins as Head of Creative on the main roster, leaving the charge of NXT to his best friend, Shawn Michaels.

The developmental brand under Shawn Michaels has been a completely different landscape with new and exhilarating superstars emerging to graduate to the next level. The Showstopper recently gave his opinion on top prospects he believes are ready to be moved to the main roster on a media call with Ringside News.

“I think there are guys you know …. probably insert right in … a guy like JD McDonaugh … there is another person that flow right in, will be ready to go … I think a Grayson Waller, clearly Apollo obviously … but I think a Grayson Waller is a guy that is unbelievably talented…does everything under the sun for us, you know… I believe someone like an Alba Fyre could step right in, a Zoey Stark … you know, people that have been doing it long enough … I mean from a work standpoint, from a character standpoint and even from …. I’ll say … age, maturity and time in the business that are better ready to step right in … they’ll still learn obviously by working in the ring with people better than them.”


The Headliner further stated some other superstars he would still look to keep in NXT for a little longer.

“Nothing to take away from the Brons and the Creeds who … again they would do excellent … but I guess if we wanted to …. we would love to be able to have them and cook them little longer … really get them well-rounded and perfect them as best we can so that they have the best chance for success.”

NXT is set to present its newest pay-per-view, NXT Deadline, this Saturday. The show will feature the top-tier talent from NXT and will feature the debut of a new match type for both the men and women, known as the ‘Iron Survivor Challenge.’ Only time will tell what the WWE main roster will look like in a year from now, but NXT’s roster is also likely to shift considerably.

Transcription by Ringside News

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