William Regal truly loves the professional world and gave four decades to the industry. The news of William Regal’s abrupt exit from AEW was shock throughout the pro wrestling world, and he is likely going back to WWE. Saraya recently shared her thoughts on William Regal exit from AEW, and how Tony Khan deals with this kind of situation.

William Regal left AEW, something that happened after Triple H took over WWE’s creative direction. According to reports, Regal’s AEW contract expired in December. The company welcomed him on March 6th at AEW Revolution. While speaking with Metro’s Alistair McGeorge, Saraya offered her opinion on the rumored departure of Regal.

Everyone has an opinion on that. The reality is, it doesn’t have anything to do with anything backstage, it’s to do with how he feels. Us behind the scenes know why, and we’re happy for him! Whether he’s going there or whatever, it doesn’t matter. We’re just happy with whatever he wants to do with his life. He’s at the age where he can do whatever he wants to without the internet deep diving into it, or everyone saying this, that and the other about him. Who cares? Let him be happy!

Tony’s so fantastic too. He lets people do – not do whatever they want, but he’s so open-minded to how people think. If you’re having a bad day, he’ll be like, ‘take a day off.’ If you only want to do a certain amount of time on your contract, you can totally do that. He doesn’t have you locked in where you have to stay for this amount of time, he’s great. I’m very lucky to have the boss that I have.


Saraya unexpectedly showed up and joined AEW at the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. She made her return to the ring and defeated Britt Baker. Saraya’s stock continues to rise ever since making her way to AEW, following a long run with WWE.

William Regal has not made any public remarks regarding his reported AEW exit. He is expected to begin his WWE run next year for backstage role. We will have to wait and see what WWE will have planned for Lord Regal, now that he will be working under Triple H again.

What’s your take on this AEW contract news? Sound off in the comments!

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