WWE and MMA fans have a visible difference amongst each other, but both combat sports seem to have crossed paths at a recent UFC event. The Florida based event saw Roman Dolidze take a page out of John Cena’s playbook to seal his TKO victory that left the viewers amazed.

John Cena was the Franchise Player for WWE carrying the company on his back for well over 15 years. The Face that Runs the Place further transitioned to Hollywood, but continues to make sporadic appearances for the company on numerous occasions. The UFC fans recently saw shades of Cena’s move set during the UFC event in Miami, Florida.

Roman Dolidze battled Jack Hermansson in a mega showdown to clinch the #8 spot in the middleweight rankings at UFC Florida. The Georgia native used his own variation of John Cena’s STF move, trapping Hermansson in a calf slicer and almost completed locking the STF had he applied the chin lock. However, he followed it up with some vicious strikes until the referee had to stop the bout.

Roman Dolidze’s usage of the STF variation caught the attention of superstars such as Shayna Baszler and Gregory Helms who immediately drew comparison of the fight’s finish to John Cena’s famous move. Not only did the MMA fans, but the pro wrestling community also took notice and expressed their views on Dolidze’s finish.


It is yet to be seen whether the 16-time World Champion John Cena would also care to respond to the same. If anything, this proves that pro wrestling moves can be very real.

Do you think John Cena should step in the Octagon once in his career? Sound off in the comments!

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