John Cena has risen to become the Franchise Player of WWE for nearly 15 years. The 16-time World Champion has now moved on to pursue his acting aspirations in Hollywood. WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently stated that Cena would never be able to return to the company on a full-time basis, and there’s good reason for that.

John Cena made his debut in 2002, answering Kurt Angle’s Open Challenge and claimed to have enough Ruthless Aggression. He went to become one of the biggest draws for WWE, winning multiple championships and accolades. Over the years, Cena’s WWE appearances have reduced due to his busy Hollywood commitments, starring in movies like Bumblebee and Fast 9.

The Cenation Leader is widely missed on WWE programming by the fans. Many have been wondering when John Cena will step inside the ring again. WWE Executive Road Dogg has revealed that Cena returning to WWE as a full-time competitor is very difficult, as he can only give certain dates for WWE appearances. He spoke about this on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast and went into Cena’s current situation.

“He can’t come back forever, you know what I mean? He’s only going to come back for a certain amount of dates because he’s got other career opportunities. So that would be great, you could bring Cena back.


You put him over, you put him up for the title, and he wins the title. Yeah? It’s not possible because he’s not gonna be there. I got three dates. I can show up on the go-home, I can show up on the pay-per-view, and you got one more. So, sprinkle it in where you can, you know what I mean? Like that’s the deals that are made. It’s not ‘we got Cena, let’s do whatever we want.”

Ringside News exclusively reported that John Cena has spoken to WWE higher-ups about WrestleMania match. Vince McMahon also gave his blessing for Cena to do as much as he can with WWE.

John Cena is rumored for huge match at WrestleMania 39, set to take place in Hollywood. The Face that Runs the Place is speculated to battle Austin Theory or Logan Paul at the Grandest Stage of them all. Only time will tell how it all goes down, but any return for John Cena won’t be a long one.

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