Bayley has risen to become a pioneer for the women in wrestling today. The Role Model was a cornerstone in the Women’s Revolution movement that brought better opportunities for future generations. However, Bayley lost her temper on the entire WWE universe expressing her anger towards them and a certain weapon used in matches.

Bayley made her comeback at WWE SummerSlam 2022 after recovering from a torn ACL injury that kept her out of action for almost a year. She returned alongside IYO sky and Dakota Kai, who came to known together as ‘Damage CTRL.’ The group has proven their dominance since their formation and are looking to seize further opportunities to rise above as one of the greatest WWE factions of all time.

The Role Model alongside her cohorts were on the receiving end of brutal kendo stick strikes lately. This week on SmackDown saw Damage CTRL take heavy kendo stick shots and beating at the hands of Liv Morgan and the returning Tegan Nox as the trio attempted to lay a beatdown on Morgan. Bayley let out her frustrations on Twitter demanding respect from the audience while berating kendo sticks.

“I hate kendo sticks and I hate all of you. Damage CTRL deserves respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ninetyfiveminutesandnineteenseconds.”


Bayley’s squad comprising of Dakota Kai, IYO Sky, Rhea Ripley and Nikki Cross were on the losing end in the Women’s War Games this past weekend at WWE Survivor Series: War Games. Damage CTRL is expected to feud with the duo of Liv Morgan and Tegan Nox moving forward who could find a third member to combat the dominant trio.

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