Cora Jade worked hard to become one of the most popular stars in all of NXT since her debut last year. It isn’t far-fetched to say she is the backbone of the NXT women’s division. Jade is currently feuding with Wendy Choo and the latter decided to call Jade something that certainly shocked fans.

Since NXT 2.0 debuted back in 2021, it was been the home for edgier content, both inside and outside the square circle. This has never been more apparent than with Wendy Choo and Cora Jade’s current feud.

Cora Jade and Wendy Choo’s feud started last week with a match between the two, which Jade won. This led to Choo a breakdown, crying so much that one of her fake eyelashes even fell off. Jade then posted a TikTok video of herself mocking Wendy Choo’s tears.

Afterwards, Wendy Choo took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of herself in pajamas and panda slippers, as she added a somewhat inspirational caption.

They try to tear you down but they’re already below you.

Cora Jade simply told Wendy Choo to ‘STFU’ after this tweet. However, Choo took it to a whole new level, as she used an incredibly offensive insult against Cora Jade that ended up shocking fans.

“Okay C*nty Cora”

Naturally, fans were very surprised to see the C-Word come out of Wendy Choo. Tons of replies to this tweet expressed that shock, many of which picked memes to describe their reaction.

It is not known whether Wendy Choo will get in trouble for her offensive remarks or not. If anything, this will certainly test the waters regarding where the profanity line is concerning WWE talent’s social media now. Regardless, it certainly got the attention of fans and that is what matters. We’ll have to see how their feud will progress in the coming weeks.

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