Austin Theory’s star in WWE is still climbing, and even John Cena’s name is even in the discussion for his next WrestleMania opponent. He already had a great experience at WrestleMania 38 with Steve Austin, and he wanted to make sure his Stunner was memorable.

The current United States Champion squared off against Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38, and McAfee prevailed after an impressive match. After the contest, former WWE president Vince McMahon entered the ring to face McAfee in his first contest in more than 11 years. Although McMahon soon trounced McAfee, he did not prevail at the end of the evening.

After entering the ring, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin delivered two Stunners to McMahon and Theory, which each man handled differently. While Vince McMahon’s sell-job was cataclysmic failure, Austin Theory did his own thing. Theory talked about his time at WrestleMania 38 working with McAfee, McMahon, and Austin in an interview with City News.

“Having a great match with Pat McAfee and then after that, having Mr. McMahon and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin standing in the ring together, and then later, me getting stunned into the skies of Dallas, was pretty amazing. You are just flying through the skies man you are literally up in the air flying. It’s one of those things, you think about ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and me being one of those guys selling the stunner, I had to put my own stamp on it and being able to share the ring with ‘Stone Cold’ is definitely a memorable moment.”


“I was 24 at the time, and finding out that you are working with Mr. McMahon, and he said he was never coming back on TV, but he came back to work with me, and I knew I had to stand up and perform. It was a make or break moment for me.”

Since his usage of company cash as hush money was the subject of an investigation, McMahon stepped down from all positions within WWE. Theory also made a joke about the pressure McMahon’s decision to return to Television in 2021 had on him. Now, Theory is doing his own thing and looking strong as United States Champion. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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