It was not too long ago when Bianca Belair made the decision to enter the world of pro wrestling as part of NXT, WWE’s development brand. She upped her game and accomplished a lot in her WWE career since she became a part of the main roster in 2020. It seems the high for the WWE Women’s Champion hasn’t worn off from her early days in WWE NXT.

In an interview with Bleacher Report’s Graham Matthews, Bianca Belair compared the present environment of the WWE women’s locker room to the one during her early period in the WWE. She also appreciates how the women empowerment is still strong backstage.

“It kind of feels like NXT all over again. I think when we were in NXT, it was special. It was a time where the women’s locker room was full of women empowerment. We were competitors but we wanted the best for each other.”

Bianca Belair went on to acknowledge how well the women have progressed. She expressed her excitement for the future of women in WWE.


“Now we’re right back to that.But what’s amazing is that it’s 3-4-5 years later, it’s those same women but we’ve all gotten even better. We’ve evolved. So it’s exciting to see where it’s going to go and how much better it can get.”

Bianca Belair recently secured an amazing victory against Team Damage CTRL last Saturday at Survivor Series Wargames. It remains to be seen what’s next for the reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion. For more updates stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

Talha Asad Iqbal is an mechanical engineer who just loves everything wrestling. From spending his childhood collecting wrestling action figures to spending his adulthood writing about wrestling, he really seems to enjoy wrestling a bit too much. Outside wrestling and his work, he loves spending time in the gym and playing video games.

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