Goldust will always be remembered as one of the most bizarre and iconic characters in WWE history. As a character, Goldust was way ahead of his time. Although on the bizarre side, Goldust would enjoy a pretty successful career and have many memorable moments that fans still remember to this day.

However, portraying the character didn’t go down well with Dustin Rhodes’ father, Dusty Rhodes. During a recent interview on Talk is Jericho, Dustin revealed that he had a huge falling out with his father who objected to the character.

“I had that in the back of my head, like, is he ribbing me for this? But at that point, I had been trying to follow in my dad’s footsteps for so long and it was like, ‘it’s not working man, I have to do something else.’ We had a falling out, which was the worst thing, the worst decision of my life ever –- you’ve got one dad, one mom, so it’s good to work things out, right? But we were in that downtime where we weren’t speaking to each other and Vince (McMahon) had just called me and he presented that and I just said yes,” said Dustin Rhodes.

Despite the fallout, Dusty and Dustin Rhodes ended up repairing their relationship and Dustin continued as Goldust throughout his WWE tenure. While Dusty passed away in 2015, Dustin is contracted to AEW.


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