Matt Cardona was known as Zack Ryder during his time in WWE, where he was never given the room to really grow on television. He was eventually released by WWE in 2020 and honed his craft elsewhere. Cardona recently offered a tempting challenge to his fans.

Chris Jericho turned his illustrious career in wrestling into a book, chronicling every match from the start with anecdotes and ratings. Cardona has competed in more than 1,500 matches, and he thinks he should follow Jericho’s footsteps.

Cardona recently appeared for an interview with Inside The Ropes. He wishes he had started out in 2004 and adopted the same approach as Jericho. Cardona also offered to give $1,000 PayPal to any fan who can chronicle his matches.

1,500? I don’t have a lot of regrets because you can’t live in the past, but my number one regret in pro wrestling is not just keeping a notebook of every match and where it was. How easy would that have been? There’s no way to do it. I will say this, if there is a fan listening, if they can do it, and there is no way to prove it’s 100% accurate, but if they can accurately list every single match I’ve ever had, I’m talking live events, indies, whatever. I will give them $1,000 PayPal, friends and family, if they can do it. I think there are going to be inaccuracies, but I would love to see people try. I will give $1,000 PayPal, friends and family so there are no fees, to whoever does the best job,


Jordan Oliver was Cardona’s most recent opponent at GCW Aura. Fans can click here to view the show’s results. There are now rumors about him returning to WWE. We’ll have to see if he will return to WWE or not.

Can you chronicle all of Cardona’s matches and win the $1000 prize? Sound off in the comments!

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