Kayla Braxton is an exceptional backstage interviewer on WWE SmackDown. Miss Braxton is an avid social media user as well, and she continues to be on the platform on multiple occasions. In recent news, rolled up on Yale’s turf and trashed the Ivy League University’s students, adding to her list of bold moves.

Kayla Braxton dropped a video on her Instagram stories where she called out everyone at Yale University on their own turf. She could be seen talking about the university and its people.

So, I am in New Haven, Connecticut. Apparently, this is where the Yale People are. Some bunch of nerds, dorks, geeks, they probably have no life, or they have the best life, because they’re gonna make a lot more money than me.

Kayla Braxton is always enthusiastic about things and has a lot to say about social media. That being said, she did recently deactivate her Twitter account after taking shot at Candace Cameron.


It looks like Kayla Braxton wanted to share her thoughts on Ivy League University students, but she didn’t provide any concrete context to her trolling. If anything, it was evident that Braxton was having a good time.

WWE SmackDown goes down tonight, and she will likely be backstage to perform her duties. It will be interesting to see if WWE lets her bring that Yale beef to the blue brand.

What do you make out of her thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

Amit Shukla is a huge "Stone Cold' Steve Austin fan and movie buff who loves to write about wrestling. Favorite movies include Inception, and Ankhon Dekhi among others.

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