Lana took advantage of the opportunities that were presented to her in WWE. During their time in WWE, CJ Perry significantly contributed to the success of Miro’s Bulgarian Brute gimmick, Rusev. However, she recently talked about Miro in an interview and claimed she learned a lot of things from him.

CJ Perry recently appeared in an interview with Fightful where she spoke on a variety of topics, including Miro making reference to her on AEW television. She stated that Miro taught her things regarding psychology and storytelling.

“I learned a lot of that from Miro, too. He was such a great teacher for me and the psychology of storytelling and the psychology of being a villain. I always say there’s no greater villain than Miro and so, yeah, I’m thankful for that. I do miss that. I miss it a lot. I miss performing, I miss the fans. There’s no better feeling than being able to get that screen time where you are connecting with the fans, you’re connecting with the fans and you’re provoking an emotional reaction. It’s great. I miss it.”

WWE released CJ Perry in June 2021. However, she is currently appearing in The Surreal Life’s most recent season. We will have to see what’s next for her, because she certainly doesn’t seem finished yet.


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Smita Singha Roy

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