Ken Shamrock is undoubtedly one of the toughest men to ever set foot inside a WWE ring. After enjoying a pretty successful career in the UFC, he transitioned over to WWE. However, he wasn’t the top attraction in the company and often took a backseat to the company’s top stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After floundering in WWE’s mid-card for years without being part of any meaningful storylines, he finally decided to leave the company. Ken Shamrock recently appeared on Vlad TV to discuss the reason why he left the WWE in 1999.

“I believe my last match was Jericho. I believe, could be wrong, but I feel like that was the last one. I already felt like I was being clumped into groups, and that I was just kind of a side thing now. Like, whatever storyline was over here, we would just do. It didn’t make any sense. It just didn’t feel like they knew what to do with me from that point. It just felt like I was just there.”

After leaving the company, Ken Shamrock plied his trade in the independent circuit and wrestled for NJPW and Impact Wrestling. He was also inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame and the UFC Hall of Fame. It’s just a shame that a guy like Ken Shamrock could never become WWE Champion.


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Sunil Joseph

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