Jeff Hardy will forever remain a fan favorite in pro wrestling, even if he does things that are very questionable. Hardy’s life has never been an easy one and his actions speak for themselves. In fact, AEW fans have been accused of wanting to see Hardy become a trainwreck.

Hardy made headlines after he was arrested for driving under the influence after leaving Florida Dave & Busters, where he had a concert that night. This was his third DUI arrest in a decade as well.

There have been concerns over whether Hardy should even wrestle anymore. While speaking during the recent episode of Drive Thru, Jim Cornette accused fas of wanting to see Hardy become a train wreck.

“But at the same time maybe the people who really just love Jeff Hardy want to see him come back and wrestle and they don’t think about his personal situation.


Do a lot of people- are they thinking well now let’s just see if it’s a train wreck, we’re interested just to see what he’s going to do when he comes back and they’re not hoping for a good outcome. I don’t- f*ck it but hey to do more damage to his body, to exacerbate his personal issues, probably a thing that he shouldn’t be wrestling for a while.” 

There is also the belief that Tony Khan firing Jeff Hardy would be the best decision. It remains to be seen what will happen to Jeff Hardy in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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