John Cena is often regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Despite possessing a limited moveset, he was able to get over due to his personality and charisma. Fans who watched Total Bellas would know that Cena is quite a serious person in real life, unlike the character he plays on WWE television. However, there was one incident that the former WWE Champion might regret.

During an episode of The Ryback Show, former WWE Superstar Ryback recalled one incident involving John Cena, Santino Marella, and R-Truth. According to Ryback, during their bowling game, it was decided that the loser of the game would do a shot. He then explained that they were all hammered, especially Cena who decided to remove his clothes in the bowling alley.

“He [John Cena] was like stripping at the bowling alley, and he was doing some really dumb sh*t. And I was f*cked up, and I was like, ‘oh man, this guy’s out of control.’”

Ryback originally debuted as part of The Nexus in 2010. However, an injury kept him away from the ring for a long time until he returned in 2012 under the ring name Ryback. He would quickly rise through the ranks and become a main event player, However, his stiffness in the ring halted his push and he was relegated to the mid-card before finally being released from the company in 2016. Following his departure from WWE, Ryback would ply his trade on the independent circuit till 2018.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Ryback, but at least he has a platform to tell these stories. As for John Cena, we all know where we can find him at this point.

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