The landscape of the WWE has undergone a complete makeover over the last few months. New management led by Head of Creative Triple H has revamped their entire product. The Game’s regime has brought significant changes in terms of quality of storylines, return of top-tier Superstars released by Vince McMahon and more creative freedom.

Another drastic change that the WWE Universe has noticed is more freedom granted to veteran WWE commentator Michael Cole. The WWE commentary veteran has been heard mentioning rival promotions, accomplishments and history that took place outside WWE during his commentary sessions.

It was evident that the Voice of WWE did not enjoy as much creative freedom when former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was in charge. Michael Cole discussed the new environment of WWE with his former colleague Pat McAfee, appearing on the Pat McAfee Show.

“Everything has been great. It’s been a great change of scenery the past couple of months. Things are going wonderfully. Ratings have been good, stories have been great, it’s a different world,” he said “I worked under Vince for 25 years and I knew nothing else. He’s a second dad in many ways, I grew up in the company. It was a shock when it first happened and we’ve all settled in and realized the show must go on. The show is going on and we’re doing well.”


Pat McAfee left the SmackDown commentary booth in September to join the ESPN College Gameday’s weekly gig. His work as the color commentator of the show was highly praised by the fans. McAfee was replaced by former WWE Superstar and NXT commentator Wade Barrett to join with Michael Cole calling all the action on the blue brand.

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