Rhea Ripley has quickly become one of the baddest women on the WWE roster since aligning herself with the Judgment. She has proven to be the difference maker that has helped her faction end up on the winning side. This has helped her gain a lot of heat from the fans. However, one fan took things too far with his comments on Twitter.

This past week on RAW, The O.C. found a solution to the Rhea Ripley problem in Mia Yim. The former NXT star returned to WWE and attacked Ripley from being. She then proceeded to attack her with a kendo stick before taking her out. WWE on Fox tweeted a pic of the incident on Twitter.

However, one fan took things too far when he wished that Mia Yim hit Rhea Ripley’s chest to “keep that heart problem going.” Then Mia Yim broke character to support Ripley by asking the fan to “be better.”

“What’s wrong with you? This is not ok. Be better,” tweeted Mia Yim


Rhea Ripley posted picture of herself wearing a heart monitor a couple of months ago which is usually used to record and track any potential irregularities in the heart. While it’s sad to see a fan’s toxic feelings toward a wrestler, it’s always good to see the wrestling community come together against such hate.

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Sunil Joseph

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